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The Plantation &
The Plots

The Plantation

Hills of Las Delicias of San Gabriel

San Juan de Mata

Turrubares County

Province of San José

Costa Rica

Cadastral entry: 1 – 458928-000

Cadastral Survey Nº P-218903-1994

Teak plantation: 57,560 sqm

The Plots

Total number: approx. 251 plots

Size/plot: approx. 125 sqm

Trees/plot: approx. 10 trees

Lease price sqm: 1 USD

Duration: 20 years

Example Price: 2.500 USD / 125 sqm/plot

Teak Price Projections

The volume of wood that can be obtained from a teak tree can vary widely, depending on various factors such as genetics, growing conditions, and how it has been managed over time. On average, a teak tree takes 

years to harvest
expected tree diameter in centimeters
expected tree height in meters

*Assuming the price of teak will range between USD 1000 and USD 1500 per cubic meter, a plot with 10 trees has a potential revenue of a minimum of USD 3,150 (0.315 cubic meter per tree) respectively USD 10,000 (1 cubic meter per tree) on the lower end; on the higher end, a plot with 10 trees has a potential revenue of a minimum of USD 4,725.00 (0.315 cubic meter per tree) respectively USD 15,000.00 (1 cubic meter per tree). **

Revenue Potential:  A plot with 10 teak trees, 20 years old, has an average revenue expectancy of 0.6475 cubic meters per tree. At the current average price of USD 1,225.00 per cubic meter, each tree has the potential to generate approximately USD 793.19, totalling USD 7931.90.

It should also be taken into consideration, that 25% of trees might not survive the 20 year growth period.

The leasing price for a section with 10 teak trees is USD 2,000.00 over the period of 20 years, payable up front. Considering the calculations above, this plot is expected to generate on average approximately USD 11,897.81 in harvest revenue.

Claim Carbon Credits by purchasing Teaka teak trees.

In collaboration with Azzera, we have analyzed and evaluated our project. Take a look at what they had to say about Teaka.

Overall, the project shows an average rating of 3.01/5 or A through Azzera’s assessment... This means that the project has “Good potential for climate change mitigation” and a “Medium perceived risk” of non-delivery... This is in line with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) latest report on climate change mitigation and adaptation, standards and methodologies best-practices and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

Chief Science Officer


Choose Your Desired Quantity

By estimating how  much cubic meter of teak will have at harvest time or by knowing how much  CO2 emissions you want to offset, you will know how many trees it will take to help you  reach your goals.

More Plots -> More Trees

You will maybe find that there might not be enough trees on one single plot to sequester the amount of CO2 you want or harvest the desired amount of cubic meter. The more plots you choose to lease, the more trees you will own.

Collectible NFTs

The more plots you lease, the more NFTs belong to you. Since our NFTs are at the same time collectibles, you can start your very own collection of unique Teaka NFTs.

New Parcels NFT-2

Teaka Collection on Rarible brings you closer to being a proud owner of Costa Rican teak trees

Purchasing one of our unique NFTs (non-fungible tokens) is your first step toward joining our vibrant community. Explore our Rarible account to discover exciting opportunities and connect with fellow investors. Each NFT reflects the lease agreement, which you can also add to your asset portfolio.

Find out more about how we do it below and why purchasing our NFTs benefits you.


Every client receives proof of ownership once signing the lease agreement.

For the duration of the 20 year rotation after purchasing the lease agreement, we offer  a certificate of ownership  for each individual plot that is being leased. 

New Parcels NFT-2

Teaka Plantation



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*Analysed by openai/ Chat GPTwith last information update from 2021
**Estimates taken  from the Teak Bulletin by Kerala Forest Research Institute; Volume 4 Issue 1, 2010
*** Lease/NFT and CO2 Certificate are combined in one transaction