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NFT stands for "non-fungible token". But what does that mean exactly?

Welcome to the nuanced universe of NFTs—a digital sanctuary for authenticity seekers.

NFTs, in their essence, act as a contemporary Certificate of Authenticity (COA), silently vouching for the legitimacy of digital assets. Think of it as the subtle guarantee accompanying luxury purchases like a Breitling watch or Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry.

Navigating the authentication landscape for digital assets can be challenging, especially in the realm of rampant online sharing on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. This is where NFTs come into play, offering a concrete solution to the puzzle of digital authentication.

Beyond the art-centric narrative, NFTs are making notable strides in diverse sectors—real estate, aviation, memberships, and beyond. They not only serve as digital COAs but also adeptly handle contracts, from purchase agreements to leasing contracts. It’s a seamless integration of tangible assets into the realm of cryptocurrency.

Speaking of cryptocurrency, it’s the epitome of digital currency, liberating transactions from the traditional banking system. These transactions find a secure home on a blockchain, an immutable ledger that ensures transparency and trust.

Now, why should you consider venturing into the crypto realm? Let’s break it down. Cryptocurrency transactions are private affairs, requiring no personal information and mitigating the risks of identity theft. Moreover, cryptocurrency operates on a global scale, nullifying concerns about foreign exchange rates and traditional banking restrictions.

In summary, NFTs and cryptocurrency represent a nuanced evolution in the landscape of authenticity and finance, quietly reshaping the way we perceive and engage with the digital future. If you’re curious about delving into this realm, you’re stepping into a space where trust, transparency, and digital innovation converge. Welcome to the future of ownership and authenticity.

So, how does it work?

Every Teaka NFT reflects a lease agreement, which is connected to a plot of land on the Teaka Plantation. This means that with the purchase of one of our NFTs, you are purchasing the lease and the rights to the tree harvest for the current rotation. Every rotation lasts 20 years, starting from the day the teak trees were planted. 

On the bottom left corner of every NFT, you’ll notice a CO2-Sequestration stamp. Additionally to hedging yourself from inflation and the harvest rewards, our Teaka Project offers to help offset your carbon emissions. As mentioned on our homepage, teak trees sequestrate an immense amount of carbon dioxide equivalents. Based on research and analyses, our trees are estimated to offset an average of one tonne of CO2e each in the first 20 years of their lifetime. The amount of CO2 you offset with us is dependent on how many trees are growing on your plot of leased land. A plot with more trees offsets more CO2e.

Since our plots are unique in size as well as number of trees within the plots, using NFTs as a bridge to the crypto-world adds individuality to each plot. Each NFT has a unique native animal to Costa Rica, so you can create your  own collection. 

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Every client receives proof of ownership once signing the lease agreement.

For the duration of the 20 year rotation after purchasing the lease agreement, we offer  a certificate of ownership  for each individual plot that is being leased. 


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