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Welcome to our community.

At Swiss Privata AG, we have united as a close-knit group of individuals with a shared vision: to shape the future and provide stability in an ever-changing world.

Our project not only offers clients the opportunity to embark on this transformative journey but also extends our invitation to partners, employees, and staff from all corners of the globe. The diverse perspectives and international expertise of our team enable us to strategically and financially cater to the exclusive needs of our clients across various regions and industries.

Since 2009, Swiss Privata AG has been advising its clients on holding structures and financing. 

Our team of specialists has tirelessly worked to develop optimal financial solutions tailored to meet each client’s unique requirements. Our international presence empowers us to serve as a bridge between your financial goals and the global market.

Our international structure enables us to be better to meet the strategic and financial needs of our exclusive clients in all regions and industries.

Embracing “Ecology and economy hand-in-hand.”

Our philosophy is one of the requirements for the successful transformation from industrial exploitation to a life-friendly future. Climate and fairness, social responsibility and growth, innovation and the future – they all have one thing in common: they must be nurtured and cared for. We see ourselves as a driving part of society, taking responsibility today for tomorrow. We are committed to tackling this marathon and invite you to join us on the exciting road to a healthy future.

Our Mission

A sustainable future driven by Swiss Privata AG.

We are proud to present our Papagayo Hills Project in the heart of Costa Rica, an innovative investment opportunity that serves both forestry-oriented investors and lessees. This project combines land acquisition with personalized leasing, providing a secure and predictable return while significantly mitigating risk. Investors can expect attractive returns from the sale of harvests, which presents a conservative yet renewed avenue for investment.

Our Values

Care and Respect Deeply

We believe in caring and respecting our surroundings, not only between communities and nature, but also in every transaction, every meeting and in all that we do everyday.

No Person is an Island

Everything we create, decide, plan,  we do as a team. This is to ensure that everything  has been carefully and thoughtfully built to the highest standards.

Innovation and Expertise

We work  to perform our tasks with a well-developed skill set  so that we  are able to view problems and ideas in fresh new  ways.  We’re constantly using our imagination to propose new ideas and solutions.

Our Vision

Investments for a Green Future.

Swiss Privata AG is reshaping long-term teak investments by incorporating CO2 sequestration.

We provide customers with multiple opportunities to contribute to an eco-friendly world, including plot leasing combined with CO2 certificates. By striving for carbon neutrality through CO2 certificates, businesses can actively reduce their carbon footprint and foster a more sustainable future. Join us in offsetting emissions and driving meaningful change.

Strive for Carbon Neutrality with CO2 Certificates!

By focusing on CO2 emissions, we aim to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and actively contribute to a more sustainable future. Join us in offsetting your emissions and making a tangible impact. Our comprehensive approach emphasizes ecology and economy hand-in-hand.


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