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Expand your horizons and enrich your future right
here in Costa Rica.

Our project not only offers clients the opportunity to embark on this transformative journey but also extends our invitation to partners, employees, and staff from all corners of the globe. The diverse perspectives and international expertise of our team enable us to strategically and financially cater to the exclusive needs of our clients across various regions and industries.

A sustainable future,
made possible by you.

Swiss Privata AG is reshaping long-term teak investments by incorporating CO2 sequestration.

Costa Rica is the best
country for our goals.

From the rich environment to the vibrant people, we have created a home here.

Teaka Plantation

San Gabriel,
Los Turrubares

Let's Sail

From pasture land to reforestation.

Surrounded by protected rainforest and vast hills, our teak plantation is located in the province of San José in Costa Rica, not far from the Pacific Coast. 


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Combining tangible assets with the crypto-world. Introducing: Teaka Collection on Rarible.

Purchasing an NFT (non-fungible token) is your first step toward joining our vibrant community. Explore our Rarible account to discover exciting opportunities and connect with fellow investors.


Whispering Clouds Lodges

Explore it all.


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costa-rica-endangered-species blog

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Frequently Asked Questions

Costa Rica’s democratic tradition indicates long-term political and economic stability. The landscape and climate are very close to the natural distribution areas of the teak tree, which is reflected in the quality of the wood.

No, the property was used for cattle ranching before we had ownership. Costa Rica is a world leader in nature and environmental protection, which saves the entire rainforest from deforestation.

Due to the high natural silicone concentration in the bark, the teak tree is exceptionally fire resistant.

Fun Fact: In Africa, teak trees are therefore even grown as a protective belt around fire sensitive plantations.

Of course.
For safety reasons we asked for an early registration so that we can provide you with a guide. After completion of the eco-lodges it will also be possible to book overnight stays at the plantation.

Analysis by the Indufor Consulting Group, forecasts by the International Forestry Review, the UN’s FAO and the HWWI report “Climate Change – Strategy 2030” predict that prices for wood as a raw material are facing a sustained upward trend.

Each tenant will receive detailed written documentation of tree development and growth on an annual basis.

In principle, you can offer your lease for sale on the platform as an NFT at any time.

Of course it is possible to give away your lease.

For your convenience, the transfer application is attached to each lease agreement, documenting the lease transfer in the tree registry.

After the second rotation, approx. 40 years, the landowners in tend to reforest the plantation with rain forest groves and to use it for ecotourism.

Employment at the plantation and the eco-lodges are reserved for local employees.


Hauptstraße 31

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